A collection of porcelain vases and tableware that begin as expanding spray foam. The foam is a viscous industrial material often found inside walls for insulation, and the forms it produces feel as sensual as they do synthetic. For each object, the foam is applied differently. Each small action builds memory which becomes visible as the foam expands, and ultimately defines the object's function and character. Complex molds are then made from the foam, and each piece is slipcast, hand sculpted, and sanded. The porcelain is thin and translucent.
New York, 2019, 2020
To purchase contact sales@half-wet.com.
Half-Wet porcelain Growth Cup 3 slipcast design. photo by Christian Michael Filardo
Half-Wet Growth Porcelain process design spray foam insulation
Christian Michael Filardo. Half-Wet growth porcelain cup 1 design
Half-Wet growth porcelain large vase design
half-wet growth porcelain vases
half-wet growth porcelain cups
half-wet growth porcelain dinnerware